Confidentiality is very important to us and our customers.
In high traffic stores, your business becomes everyone else's business! At Ron's Coins, there are no on-lookers! You set up a private appointment to have a 1-on-1 appraisal or to purchase your investment. Whether you are buying or selling, it is our goal to always make you feel comfortable with your experience!

We buy Gold - Ron's Coins pays the most for gold jewelry! We calculate your gold on the current gold price. We separate your gold by karat in front of you. We weigh each karat group and make our offer accordingly. Upon acceptance of our offer, you will receive immediate payment with a local check or cash. We sell our gold to the top refiner in the nation. There is no middle-man, so we pay you top prices.

Appraisal services are available to determine value for estates, preparation for sale, or for insurance purposes. Our appraisal fee is $35 an hour. If we purchase your collection or estate, we do not charge a fee. Since the metals and coin markets are constantly changing, we reserve the right to reappraise the collection if it is available for us to purchase at a later date.

Whether you are looking to buy, sell or request appraisal services, schedule an appointment today. You will be happy you did! You can contact us @ 319-365-6108 or